Finding The Perfect Stone

To make sure you are getting exactly what you would like you need to see the stone in person. To get started for now you can checkout our links list to stone purveyors just to get an idea of what style you are going for. Once you have made your selection and have contacted Colossus Granite and Marble then we’ll take you to see your stone selection in person.

Upon looking at the stone you need to be aware that the slab you pick is yours. You need to look very closely at the stone to make sure you like what you see.

Every stone is different and the one really important factor is that once the slab is cut it is yours so make sure the slab you pick meets your approval. You need to look for veins, pits, fissures, tiny imperfections that are on that slab. Also keep into consideration that if you pick a certain type of granite or marble that is accustomed to having these imperfection but looked at as added character…is that okay with you?

Definitely do your research on what stones hold up in certain environments and what others are good just for the look. Never be afraid to call and ask any questions at 856-742-0090. We will be willing to answer anything to get your steered towards the appropriate stone for you.